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Joyssance is an association of creative people, keen on the culture of different epochs - from the Middle Ages to the modern.


First of all Joyssance is our Historical Dance Studio which have begun its activity in 2005 in Kyiv. Our main trend are dances of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and early Baroque in Western and Eastern Europe. For all this time there were many different projects and achievements. At least a number of projects are constantly in the plans and development. Constant creative search, research and improvement are accompanied the members of the studio. Manners, customs, costumes, literary and historical stories and tales ... And dances, of course. Absolutely different number of people was engaged in our studio all these years. Sometimes this was only a couple of people, sometimes several dozen. But one thing is for sure - all of our friends and former participants remember the classes, balls and gatherings with joy and warmth.


We unite people who passionate about those knightly, gallant and noble eras, which many of us had previously seen only in the pages of books or in period dramas. Now all that is related to the activities of the dance studio is engaged Vlada Samoylova.


The second trend is Historical Costume Studio - the reconstruction of European clothing and experiments with ancient technologies including dyeing with natural substances and hand weaving from the 12th to the 19th century. We are very attracted by the reenactment of ancient clothes. Well, most of all - the process of searching for information about the little secrets that are now lost. With all that is associated with the reconstruction of the costume, you can refer to Natalya Skornyakova.